Oilfield Safety Personnel | HSE Personnel for Oil Rigs


•    Hazard identification

•    Development and
     implementation of safe
     operating procedures

•    Emergency response plans

•    Safety audits

Do you need experienced safety professionals for your oilfield project?
Look no further.  We’ll provide you with oilfield safety professionals with years of
experience working worldwide on offshore and onshore platforms. Our contract
professionals are skilled in administering your HSE Program, conducing HSE
program audits, assisting with the HSE procedures, standards and policies ,
performing safety inspections and implementing accident prevention programs.

You won’t need to train our professionals
Each of our contract oilfield safety professionals has years of experience on offshore
oil platforms around the world.  Additionally, each holds numerous safety
certifications, including skills and knowledge of OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001.
Oilfield Safety Personnel | HSE Personnel for Oil Rigs

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•    Oilfield safety supervisors

•    Air quality monitoring

•    Calibration and servicing
     of hand-held gas detection

•    Oilfield Safety Training
 You know elements of a good
 oilfield safety program and our
professional can help you

 •    Employee orientation/training
 •    Educational activities
 •    Employee safety meetings
 •    Safety inspections
 •    Accident reporting
 •    Safety responsibilities
No need to worry about safety
on your project! Our safety
professionals are experienced in:
•    Organizing a safety program
•    Conducting safety inspections
     and audits
•    Conducting safety meetings
•    Hazard awareness
•    Hazard abatement
•    Accident investigation and reporting
•    Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Oilfield Safety Services, Texas

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Here's what the Operations Manager for the Seahawk has to say about us!

"The Seahawk achieved another '1-Year Recordable-Injury Free Days' at midnight
last night, April 22, 2010. Let me congratulate you and the entire Seahawk team
for achieving this note worthy milestone. This safety effort is commendable and a
credit to all the honest commitment and hard work the crews put into making the
Seahawk a very safe drilling rig and a very safe place to work. We all look forward
to a continued long and safe future with the Seahawk."

Operations Manager

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